Home-Grown Beef

Do you know where your beef comes from and who grows it?

Rednex Ranch can offer you a reputable and reliable source of authentic Hereford beef. We offer beef raised the good old-fashioned way that is:


  • Born and raised at our location.
  • Fed high quality, natural feed.
  • No added hormones.
  • Raised in a stress-free environment.
  • Order your beef by the whole carcass, a side of beef, or freezer packs.
  • Our large packages (a whole or a side of beef) are priced at $4.50/lb, based on the dress weight of the carcass. (Dress weight on a side of beef is between 250 – 350 lb).
  • Beef is aged, cut, wrapped and frozen at a provincially inspected facility.

View our price list for our large and small freezer packages.

For local orders, Rednex Ranch Home-Grown Beef is also available by the piece. Contact us for the retail price list.


“We couldn’t wait to get home and leave a couple of steaks out to thaw so we could throw them on the BBQ for supper. We were dissatisfied with the meat we’ve been buying from the grocery store so needless to say when we took that first bite we thought we’d died and gone to heaven. I know that sounds silly but it is honestly the best beef my family has had in quite a long time. We have two little girls and it’s a battle to get them to eat anything other than chicken. Both of them inhaled their share of the steak and asked for seconds which tells me just how good it is. We will absolutely be ordering from you again.” – Cristin, Steve, Rachel & Michaela

“Your beef is a nice treat from the supermarket. We have tried it numerous times and it is consistently tender. Even the roasts are tasty and this comes from someone who seldom eats meat. We like the fact that when we order you always have some of your recipes attached. This is a nice feature as you have already tested them out, so this is not an experiment in my kitchen.” – Gordon & Betty Anne, Valleyview

“Thank you so much for a great ¼ of beef. Your meat is great quality at a good price with a nice selection of cuts. We are enjoying going to our freezer and simply choosing what we want.” – Michele, Evansburg

“Very, very tasty…they are very good and this is from a guy who thinks steak should be a food group all it’s own. I would recommend them to anyone.” – Randy

“What an awesome feeling! To be able to eat beef again. For many years I had to avoid one of my favourite foods due to an allergy to hormones and additives in beef.
We tried some Rednex beef and I was wonderfully surprised when I had no bloating or discomfort after eating a meal of roast beef with all the trimmings. I would recommend this product to anyone who enjoys a nice tender cut of beef.” – Ellen, Crazy Lady’s Bakery and Catering